Sunday, December 10, 2006

2-3. Driesh (219), Mayar (253) (22/12/2004)

These two proved a fairly doable pair - nothing too strenuous. They lie at the end of the picturesque Glen Clova, making them accessable by car, although the road is a little tortuous. We approached Mayar first, which allowed a little more shelter on the ascent. This takes you along the start of Jock's Road, which runs right through the southern Cairngorms. In terms of the route, you turn left a mile beyond the YH, then left at the next junction. The track soon becomes a path as you ascend corrie fee, where it becomes a little steeper. There are great view from the top of the corrie, next to the waterfall, from where the path continues more gently to the summit. From here you get better views than from Driesh, since your view of the bank of Cairngorms to the NW isn't blocked. The walk over to Driesh is easy and then you come back to the saddle, from where there is a path leading north back down to the car park. The round trip took about 4hrs and was easily managed in a day trip from fife.


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