Monday, May 07, 2018

198. Ben Vane (283). 01/05/2018.

Good weather in the morning turning bad in the afternoon, combined with slightly weary legs and a train to catch later in the day meant we chose a shortish walk by Loch Lomond. This hill also had immense sentimental significance, being in close proximity to (one of the places) where Ben dressed up like a fool in public a year earlier.

We parked at Inversnaid and decided to add some excitement to the walk by only paying for 4h of parking, even though Cicerone reckoned 4hr 20.

The rain and most of the cloud held off and we had a pleasant walk up the hill. The path in general hugged the sheltered side of the hill and we only felt the wind in a few places. A few good (easy) scrambles as we crossed the several false summits and a dramatically flat summit. The views were partial, but not obliterated.

We were in general pleased by how fresh our legs felt and comfortably made it back to the car before the meter ran out.

 Loch Lomond still pretty much visible

Loch Sloy, Ben Vorlich and Ben (doing his thing)


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