Sunday, December 10, 2006

7. Schiehallion (59) (27/12/2005)

We managed to find a crisp and cold, but clear day in late december to climb this one. Due to the popularity of this mountain, a whole new path had been built to counter the erosion caused by the old one. It was a fairly straightforward climb really, but had a great view from the icy pinnacle that is the summit. There were some fantastic ice formations created by the frost-shattered rock and the ice crystals seeming to grow like mould over them. One can see the Lawers group to the south and the Cairngorms to the north from this vantage point. The climb took about 3 hours and the only downside was that is was quite busy, being accessible and being at a time when lots of people have holidays.

The frost-shattered summit.

Ice formations

A white ptarmigan (apparently very rare)


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