Sunday, July 20, 2008

69-70. Seana Bhraigh (262), Eididh nan Clach Geala (257) 18/07/08

The cosy bothy in Glen Beag is a great base from which to climb the Ullapool hills and we shared it with some real bothy experts - a couple who were on a 13 day trek through the wilderness. They had everything sorted, down to dried meals and slippers! They did envy our baked potatoes, though.
We arrived after the 11 mile walk from black bridge in sunshine and crossed the slightly tricky river to the bothy, before spending the evening settling in. In the morning it was drizzling, but we set off NW, not knowing whether we would get any of the 5 munros in the area climbed. It was a bit damp underfoot, but we were soon on the higher slopes of Seana Bhraigh as the mist began to envelop us. There were moments of clarity though, giving us an impression of the northern corries from the summit - definitely one to return to in good weather. As we made our way round to Eididh nan Clach Geala, we did get views into Corrie na Ghrunda, which were quite spectacular. It took a while to traipse over to the top and by the time we reached it, the rain had set in properly and we decided to return to the bothy. Continuing to the other peaks, although now very close by, would have been miserable - far better to leave them for a clear day. We saw lots of deer on our cold, wet walk back and it was definitely a good idea to keep to the higher ground rather than descending into the glens. It made progress quicker and less demanding on the feet. We built a big fire in the bothy to dry off. There may have been some Glenmorangie consumed as well.

Seana Bhraigh from its less interesting south side

Glen Beag bothy


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