Wednesday, December 12, 2007

43-44. A'Mharchoniach (179), Geal Charn (279) 08/12/2007

With the forecast set to be relatively clear in the morning and deteriorating into blizzards in the afternoon, we set off early and were picking our way up the rocky slopes of A'Mharchoniach in short order. The conditions, while in no way clear, were at least relatively dry compared to the previous day and this was able to keep us warm in our thick coats despite the raging wind. After several false summits, we got to the summit shortly after 10am and were even able to have a bite of food before moving off. There was a lot of snow on the ground and visibility was very poor (and mostly white), so navigating our way towards Geal Charn was non-trivial, but the trusty compass did the trick and we managed to find its southern slopes eventually. We saw several hares here and possibly a fox and were following the tracks of a munro-bagging deer all of the way. The snow began to come in and before getting to the summit we had it by the bucketload at 60mph from our right. But it was just bouncing off our coats by virtue of being dry, so we soldiered on and even met a group of several other walkers at the top, proving that we weren't the only mental people in the world. Exchanges of "nice day for it", etc ensued and we parted ways. We descended to the north to try and avoid the blizzard being in our faces and succeeded to a certain extent, although this did mean a rather roundabout route. We got to the B&B before lunch time and decided that that was about enough fresh air for one day.

Mike at the cold but dry top of A'Mharchoniach


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