Tuesday, May 29, 2007

28. Ben Starav (63) 25/05/2007

Having left cambridge at 6am and flown to the wrong airport, I thought we were doing quite well to be starting out from the south of Glen Etive before 2pm. The sun was shining, despite a poor forecast when Robin and I set out, carrying our tent and aiming to cover several munros over the weekend. After crossing the river and climbing gently for a while, we struck off to the south and climbed the steep shoulder which leads on to a ridge. This was a really quick way to climb and within no time we were at the summit, a little out of breath. Then we began along the superb ridge which leads away to the east - the views being excellent of Glens Etive to the west and Noye to the south. The ridge was fun and when we reached its lowest point, we set off south in search of a campsite and to climb another munro if time. We spent a while looking for one in the damp and only when we began to unpack the tent did it begin to hail. Hail turned to blizzard and all ideas of climbing another hill disappeared - all we were interested in was finding a place which was sheltered enough to stop us being blown away in the night. After a couple of hours we did, and went to sleep with the sound of hail hammering on the side of the tent.

Back along the ridge to the summit of Ben Starav

Our route of ascent

The whole mountain from the north on the following day


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