Monday, December 11, 2006

10-11. Sgurr Thuilm (193), Sgurr nan Coireachan (213) (4/07/2006)

After setting off from our campsite, having broken our fast on sausages, we quickly got to the top of Sgurr Thuilm and made our way down the far side, which turned out to be a bit steeper than expected and without any path. We then followed the track for a bit, through some forest until we decided to strike out for the summit of Sgurr nan Coireachan (note there are 2 hills in close proximity with the same name), having found no trace of the supposed path. We deposited our packs on the ridge and , feeling a bit lighter, nipped up to the summit before pitching our tent in the shelter of the ridge (we didn't quite have the energy to get to the other end of the ridge that evening, where the next potential campsite would be). Another good campsite and with a good view beyond the ridge of Glen Quoich.
Sgurr Thuilm taken from the ascent on the previous day.

The ridge of Sgurr Thuillm and Sgurr nan Coireachan taken

from our campsite on the second day


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