Sunday, December 10, 2006

8. Beinn Dearg (124) (28/12/2005)

This was a good long walk into the wilderness. We picked a great day for it as well - there was snow to the east and snow to the west, but we walked in a clear patch through the middle for the whole day. There was only going to be just over 7 hours of daylight, so my brother and I set out just before first light, making our way up the long stretches of glen tilt from Bridge of Tilt. There was a really good track the whole way. We reached a bothy after about 6 miles, where we had a short break before starting the climb. We saw huge herds of deer and wildlife as we came up through the glen, being miles from civilisation. We reached the summit at about lunch time, but it was a bit too cold to stay for long. We made our way back at a bit of a hurried pace in order to catch the train at dusk. This was an excellent 18 mile round trip.


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