Monday, December 11, 2006

24. Ben Hope (256) (23/08/2006)

After a wee cycle ride to get to the north coast, we decided that while here, we should climb a hill. So, as we began our drive back down to Fife, we stopped off at Ben Hope - the most northerly munro. There were quite a few people on the hill that day - at least a dozen, which was quite a surprising number for such a remote part of Scotland. There was a path all the way to the top making it quite a quick climb, but our aching legs suffered a bit from the steepness. The path went up onto a ridge, which angled up to the summit. At about two thirds of the way up we entered the cloud and then kept being confronted by false summits, which were bad for morale. Nevertheless, we made it to the top in about 2 hours and we got the impression there would be great views on a clear day. It was convenient to be able to get up and down the hill in half a day, meaning we could still get most of our driving done on that day.
Looking back from half way up.

Mum and Oliver in the mist at the summit.


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