Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29-32 Beinn nan Aighenan (196), Glas Beinn Mhor (145), Stob Coir' an Albannaich (90), Meall nan Eun (254) 26/05/2007

We awoke to see a dusting of snow on the peaks and climbed the nearby Beinn nan Aighenan in the receding mist. We returned to pack our tent only to recieve another blizzard. This lowered our spirits and meant we had snow inside the tent, but we decided to climb at least one more hill on the way back to the car. Once we arrived back at the ridge, we passed an elderly chap who was just finishing all the munros for the second time. Whether this inspired us or something, I don't know, but despite another hail shower at the summit of Glas Beinn Mhor, we decided to go on. A steep descent to and then re-ascent from the bealach was likely to be most of the hard work for the rest of the day, so we were now pretty happy. The remains of the climb to the highpoint of the day - Stob Coir' an Albannaich was fairly gentle, although looking on, we could not see any way of getting to our next munro. Putting our faith in the tortuous path, however, proved a sound course of action and we descended very steeply into the 'Corrie of the Scotsman' from which the hill gets its name. From there it was a simple climb over grassy slopes to the top of the 'Hill of the Birds.' We possibly should have stayed here for a few more minutes than we did, since we were lucky to reach the top in the sun and without the wind, which is a rareity on any munro. I think the desire for the sausage rolls in the car got the better of us, however, and we descended west by a boggy path down the parallell glen to that of our ascent. We reached the car in the early evening with sore feet, but pleased with our achievement - it was quite a tough day of walking and we rewarded ourselves with bangers and mash in the Kingshouse Hotel before returning to our tent.

Beinn nan Aighenan, with our campsite somewhere in the middle-ground

The ridge up to Glas Beinn Mhor, the second of the day

The impressive Corrie of the Scotsman
Meall nan Eun - not quite as small as it looks


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