Monday, August 20, 2007

36. Carn na Caim (232) 11/08/2007

There were fewer midge in the morning - perhaps they had an insight in to what was to come. There was a layer of mist at about 800m, but we were fairly confident that this might lift later in the day. We began climbing up on to the ridge (about 810m high) and didn't see the light again. It was a miserable day and without visibility progress was slow, since we had to follow the plateau edge. Eventually we got to the summit of Carn na Caim after 5 hours or so. I think this would have taken less than 3 in clear weather. By this time we were fed up and the drizzle, which had been constant all day, began to increase, so we decided to descend without visiting the other munro in the area. The local pub did serve a good venison burger, though.

The ridge which leads to the summit (1km to the right). Taken the previous day - no other photos were possible in the conditions.


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