Thursday, August 19, 2010

118-120. Beinn a'Ghlo (Carn nan Gabhar (32), Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain (66), Carn Liath (181)). 18/08/2010

We were a little tired from the previous two days of walking, so Beinn a'Ghlo provided the right sort of length of walk for us. We were a little anxious about getting in the way of deer stalking going on in the area, but it seemed that going through the danger areas early before the stalkers got there was a good idea and in fact we didn't see anything of them for the whole day.

Carn nan Gabhar from the south ridge.

We walked round the east of Carn Liath, aiming for the highest peak first (which is always good phsychologically). Latterly this involved a steep climb up the nasal scar of Carn nan Gabhar's subsidiary top. Soon we were ambling across the rocks to the main summit from where we could see the whole of the northern Cairngorms stretched out before us. With only a little high cloud, the views were spectacular and the ridge itself was of a most elegant nature. Successive 200m reascents brought us to the other two summits on the ridge, both just as impressive in terms of panorama. It was only on the descent of Carn Liath that the promised showers hit us, but they weren't particularly inhibiting. The 5hr30 round trip comes highly recommended.

The southern two summits of the Beinn a'Ghlo ridge.

North along the ridge from Carn Liath.


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