Wednesday, September 02, 2009

100-101. Buachaille Etive Mor (Stob Dearg (110), Stob na Broige (207)) 29/08/09

Despite only remembering the fact when we were back in the car, this was my 100th munro - Woohoo! We celebrated lavishly by consuming an extra flapjack.

Having driven up from Edinburgh to Glencoe in the morning, Hilde and I set off at about midday in the foreboding drizzle. This being one of the most popular mountains in Scotland, meant that it had a very substantial path for most of the way. There was also no messing around walking up to the hill or anything - we were at 900m after about a mile - very efficient.

The drizzle had receded to more of a mizzle for most of the ascent, but by the time we crested the ridge at the head of the corrie, it was back up to proper grizzle and when coupled with strong winds, which soon became less fun.

Nevertheless, when we reached the summit of Stob Dearg, we could still dimly see down to the moor and were given some idea of the loftiness of our position. Not allowing the conditions to deter us, we decided to soldier on along what would otherwise have been a pleasant ridge to Stob na Broige and were rewarded by the clouds and rain lifting just before we got there.

The descent, although a bit jarring, was fairly swift and we were soon enjoying the trot back between the two shepherds to the road. The route took us 5 and a half hours and will have to be repeated in better conditions.

Stob Dearg from the northwest

When it became clear on the ridge. Stob Dearg in the background.

Looking back down Coire na Tulaich - quite steep.

Buachaille Etive Mor from the top of Glencoe


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