Thursday, April 30, 2009

87-88, Mullach Fraoch-choire (49), A'Chralaig (33) 21/04/09

With lighter packs, we began to make our way back to Cluanie, where our car was parked. And what better way to walk there than over the top of two 1100m+ peaks. Admittedly, the walk did begin in the drizzle, but all was not lost. The drizzle made way for a nice patch of rain and then, by the time the ridge was reached, this was coupled with a pleasant dose of howling wind. It was positively atmospheric

The long climb up to the ridge was steep and therefore quite tiring, since we had our packs with us. We were undeterred by the elements and soldiered on to the top and were very glad to have done so. The mist cleared at times, the rain abated for short periods and we were at least able to get some idea of our surroundings. The ridge between Mullach Fraoch-choire and the next peak was gripping and we were grateful that the wind went from a howl to more of a whistle. By the time we reached A'Chralaig, the conditions had improved massively and on our descent, the sun even came out. We were able to dry off on the walk on to Cluanie, where we feasted on cream teas, the walk taking us about 6 hours.

The ridge between the two peaks from neighbouring Ciste Dhubh.

MFC in the fore and A'C behind, from An Socach the previous day


Blogger chriscawthorn said...

You forgot to mention our encounter with other walkers just before the second peak. In the midst of howling wind and scouring hail, it's unsurprising that the first sentence I heard was "Why do we do this again?"

Excellent trip. I look forward to adding to my meagre tally of six munros in the nearish future. When's the next expedition?

7:24 AM  

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