Thursday, April 30, 2009

84-86. Mullach na Dheiragain (167), Sgurr nan Ceathreamhan (22), An Socach (269) 20/4/09

A fine day in the highlands saw our intrepid group of mathematicians climb Ben Nevis before lunch and drive up to Kintail in the afternoon, before walking the 8 mile journey into West Affric to the Alltbeithe YH. The following day was almost as fine and despite some grumblings over the porridge made with water, we set out full of energy and enthusiasm for a tour of three hills to the north of the YH.

As with all the best walks, we started with a steep climb to gain the ridge, then across an eerily quiet and remote corrie to take in our most distant objective first (Mullach na Dheiragain). The ground was firm underfoot and the going was fairly good, the only drawback being a little mist when we reached the top. Fortunately this was to be the last we saw of cloud for the rest of the day.

The long walk back on the ridge, followed by a sharp climb up a good bit of ridge to the highest point of the day (Sgurr nan Caethreamhnan) proved quite strenuous and meant we thoroughly enjoyed our scotch eggs at the top. Many songs have since been written about the merits of these wonderful delicacies. SnC is a classicly shaped peak, looking positively pyrimidal from several angles and perhaps because of this it even provided us with some moments of phone reception. Naturally the views were stunning.

During the descent along the ridge towards An Socach, much tomfoolery ensued in the patches of snow that remained. But once we had got over our inner children, we made good progress. From An Socach we were able to feast our eyes on the day's achievements, since this vantage point allowed views of the whole ridge. What was also unusual is that the air was so still (especially on the second and third tops) that we were able to remain on each for quite some time. After a while, we went back down off the ridge to the YH for whiskey, pasta and cards. The round took us about 8 hours.

Looking back from An Socach

Looking along the ridge towards An Socach

Searching for reception at the top of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan

Looking in to West Affric and our YH at the base of SnC


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