Sunday, December 21, 2008

74-75. Mullach Clach a'Bhlair (114), Sgor Gaoith (36) 15/12/08

Setting off at dawn, we had a pleasant trot going south down the track in Glen Feshie. Eventually we struck out east up the ever whiter slopes of Mullach Clach a'Bhlair (MCaB). Before we were a mile from the top, all our surroundings were white, without a hint of vegetation or colour of any sort sticking out of the snow. The wind had also picked up markedly and our decision to cross the plateau from south to north was proving shrewd. We caught up with another walker at the top and discussed the stunning panoramic views across this ocean of white that seemed a completely different world to the valley below. This western plateau is about 100m lower than the main Cairngorm plateau and this meant it was out of the mist. Distances can be very deceptive in the snow - we could clearly see Sgor Gaoith, our next objective, and it looked like a short walk. However, despite the reasonably good terrain, this would be a two hour walk and was nearly 5 miles away as the crow flies (see first photo below). Unfortunately this meant that by the time we got there the mist had descended and we were robbed of the supposedly stunning view from this lofty perch (where the cliffs plunge 600m from the summit). It gained an eerie nature in the mists though. Before descending, we had to walk back a mile along the plateau into the wind, which proved a bit of a struggle. We then found the path back to the glen in the fading light, making full use of the 8 hours of daylight and finishing an excellent winter walk.

North across the snowy plateau to Sgor Gaoith, almost 5 miles away.

Three intrepids at the top of MCaB

Half a mile from the summit of MCaB. We were following a walker
whom you can make out approaching the top

Setting out at dawn


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