Sunday, July 20, 2008

71. Am Faochagach (210) 19/07/08

With slightly lighter packs, we began our walk back to civilization. The fact that the river was high and that the next 3 km to the track would be boggy persuaded us that it might be better to cut over the hills back to Black Bridge, thereby taking in Am Faochagach, 'the heathery place'. This proved to be a good choice, since it saved a few miles and was a pleasant walk when the rain stopped.
There were intermittant showers for our ascent, but it was mostly over good terrain and not too steep, so it was quite doable with packs. There was a small stream crossing, which took us on a detour, but it was no great loss, since it gave us some views of Beinn Dearg. Once over the summit, we took the long SE ridge back towards Black Bridge. This was jolly pleasant. Overall, the route from bothy to bridge via the hill was 1.5 miles shorter and took a similar length of time (5.5hrs). We feasted in the local Aultguish Inn before getting the bus back to Inverness.
Jo and Lilie coming down from the rounded summit


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