Sunday, September 04, 2011

139. Mount Keen (235). 02/09/2011

After a morning visit to Glamis castle and having said goodbye to the Norwegians (they seemed to have enjoyed their Scotland adventure), we felt we could still manage a short walk whilst the weather was good. The only 'quick' munro in the area was Mount Keen, so we set ourselves up in a B&B in Edzell and drove up Glen Mark to the ruin of Invermark castle where the walk starts. This ruin is curious, because there is no evidence of a way in - it's just an impenetrable tower.

We started along the flat track to 'Victoria's Well', which is a slightly out-of-place stone structure in the shape of a crown where the queen was said to have once had a drink. Then we had a slightly steeper climb to the summit, but all along a path, so it wasn't too taxing. The top was clear of cloud, making it the 11th in a row! We could see the North Sea and also all the hills of our walk in Glenshee. A swift return to the car meant the round trip was only 4 hours, so there was still time for dinner and Hilde was happy about this.

Walking back down Glen Mark, with the peak just visible behind.


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