Monday, May 07, 2012

148. Meall Ghaordaidh (93). 07/05/2012

We had a train to catch in the afternoon and the weather was due to be turning ugly around lunch time, so this forced us into a shorter walk and gave us ample encouragement to set off really early. 'Really early' was met with some resistance from the Shuter camp, however, but we were still off by 8.45. This meant we were commencing the climb before 10am, which proved easily enough time for the train, although not enough for the bad weather.

The ascent was fairly easy going over slopes of grass and heather, which meant our pace was fast, but the clouds were faster and although we caught a glimpse of the top on the way up, in was well into the cloud by the time we got there. The terrain at the summit was much rockier, but there was nothing too difficult and we were able to stand up for long enough to take at least one snap inside the summit shelter. Then it was time to battle our way back through the snow showers, but at least the ground was perfect for descending and we had no complaining joints by the time we were back at the car.

A blustery, cloudy and snowy summit


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