Sunday, May 10, 2015

173. Stuchd an Lochan (197). 08/05/2015

Our first munro with baby Hamish! We chose the best day for weather and a short walk to give ourselves the best chance of success. With Hamish packed in the carrier, along with a ridiculous quantity of bits and bobs for him, we set off from the car park by the dam. At least we didn't need to take much for ourselves due to the nice conditions. The climbing starts from 400m and within an hour we were at 900m, leaving the rest of the walk as a pleasant stroll along the ridge to the summit. We tried a stop just before the ridge to feed the baby, but this produced tears, so he obviously wanted us to keep moving. Once on the ridge it was slightly cooler with the wind - probably just above freezing, but for some reason this encouraged Hamish to sleep. In fact he slept almost until we reached the top, when his father jolted him awake by stepping through the snow. We could see for miles at the top and spent some time taking photos before making our way back. We were back at the car well within 4 hours and Hamish was still in pretty good spirits, so it was a success all round.

 The start of the summit ridge.

 The summit with the grey corries in the distance.

 Looking north-east from the top.

Hamish enjoying his first summit


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