Sunday, May 25, 2014

161. Meall Buidhe (248). 18/05/2014

It was one of those occasional wet-weather days in the highlands. Hilde and I had driven up the day before with Ben and Fi for a wee tour of Scotland. We thought there might be enough clear weather for a 'warm-up' hill and chose Meall Buidhe in Glen Lyon (there are two quite close to each other, which caused momentary confusion). Hilde, being 4 months pregnant, wanted to check she could still make it up hills and she managed very well.

The conditions weren't that pleasant, but we got up and down in not much over 3 hours. Mist and drizzle for the ascent, then calm at the top (although no visibility), followed by rain and strong winds on the descent - it was a good job we had some quality rain gear. Otherwise the going was pretty easy and we had plenty of time to drive north afterwards.

The misty top of Meall Buidhe


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