Friday, June 15, 2012

154. Geal Charn (260). 08/06/2012

On our long drive down from the Orkneys, we wondered if there might be time to squeeze in a hill between the showers and still make it to Kippen in time for dinner. It wasn't looking good, when we arrived off the ferry into thick fog rolling in from the sea in Caithness. However, by the time we were down by Kingussie, the clouds were dispersing and we decided to risk it.

This Geal Charn (there are quite a few in this area) is quite a short walk and we were up and down inside 4 hours. The path through the heather helped us make good time. Miraculously, by the time we were on the summit ridge, the sun came out, giving us great views of Creag Meagaidh. There was a small incident with a lamb on the descent, but we were soon back in the car making our way through the traffic jams of southern Scotland.

Looking south along the summit ridge.


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