Thursday, August 20, 2015

174. Sgiath Chuil (270). 16/08/2015

This was arguably my third attempt of this hill, although I had more optimism this time due to the lack of winter. It was also another chance for me to carry Hamish up a hill, which he was jolly excited about! Here's him doing his stretches in preparation.

My friend Joe was part-way through his LE2JoG cycle and wanted a 'day off' climbing hills. He had gathered together Blaise and Nick from Stirling and Alex from Dundee. We all met in Killin at 9.30 and were climbing shortly after 10. Having done most of the walk before, navigation was simple especially since we could see the top. The grassy slopes were pretty straightforward even with the backpack, although the steep section at the end was felt by my legs!

Half way up

Hamish managing to find a moment for a nap

At the top we met a few people and had clear views of the Arrochar Alps and the hills up to Rannoch Moor. Hamish gobbled down a jar of food and I put a few more clothes on him. Having been very happy all the way up, he decided the stop at the top wasn't nearly so much fun and whinged until I started moving again. He was then very chatty for the rest of the descent, which was refreshingly gently on the joints down grassy slopes.

Pit stop 

Ben More and the Arrochar Alps

Getting a bit fed up with the delay!


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