Thursday, March 07, 2013

155. Benn Vorlich (Loch Earn!) (165). (2/3/2013)

A great event to kick off my stag do. The aim was basically see how many of my friends could fit on the path and all 16 who came made it up and down (apart from one who didn't even make it onto the plane).

Overall it was remarkably civilised - yes there were one or two celebratory cans of beer (which I was made to carry up to the top!), but we were as considerate as possible to other walkers and of course all evidence was taken home with us. On top of that, it was a cracking day weather-wise.

There was a slight glitch logistically, which was that the minibus driver was supposed to drop us at the other Ben Vorlich (some 40 miles away), but we weren't going to let details like that set us back. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially when it came to sliding down the snow on the way back!

Perhaps there will be a photo or two to follow...